Lipoic Acid Plus -90ct [Biotics]

Lipoic Acid Plus -90ct [Biotics]
  • Item #: Lipoic Acid Plus
  • Manufacturer: Biotics Research

Lipoic Acid Plus supplies Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA), a potent antioxidant anda critical cofactor for many enzyme complexes, along with vitamin C. As apowerful biological antioxidant, Lipoic acid has exhibiting the capability toquench free radicals, equivalent to that of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and vitaminsC and E. In the body it functions as both a coenzyme, and a necessary componentfor normal mitochondrial function. Unlike the actions of other antioxidants,including vitamins C and E, which are restricted to aqueous tissues, and fattytissues/membranes, respectively, ALA has activity in both fat and water-solubletissues. Taken orally, lipoic acid is readily absorbed into both the cellularand tissue systems. ALA has also demonstrated advantageous effects insupporting both the cardiovascular system, and glucose dysregulation. In termsof cardiovascular support, as a consequence of both its antioxidant function,and its metal chelating ability, the actions of ALA have been associated withthe inhibition of endothelial activation, signifying its potential benefit indelaying both arterial plaque buildup and negative cardiovascular events. Itsactivity in supporting glucose dysregulation has been demonstrated in numerousstudies. Lipoic acid is also involved in biological energy production, and hassome heavy metal chelating properties as well.

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